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 30a Photographers – Tips for Booking your 30a/Destin Photographers

If you are searching for a 30a photographers, you are probably exhausted sorting through the hundreds of options. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a 30a photographer.

  1. Do they have insurance? This is huge. If you are taking family portraits in beautiful Rosemary Beach and someone happens to trip over your bag or the photographers camera gear, it could be the end of their business with a pesky law suit. You don’t want to be in the middle of that chaos especially during your family vacation or wedding. Find a 30a photographer who has a high coverage of liability insurance. Chris and I have two separate insurance policies that cover our gear, liability, and incidentals.
  2. Are they comfortable with beach light? As an experienced family and wedding photographer, I have photographed in so many different lighting scenarios – now I am confident in any type of light. The best light is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. If the photographer is asking you to shoot in mid-day heat, light, and tourism chaos, I would probably find an alternative photographer.
  3. Do they have any hidden fees? Some photographers include digital images in their session fees. For some others, the session fee only covers the photographers time and talents, and the prints/digitals must be purchased separately. Chris and I include a number of hi-res digital images with the session and also give our clients the option to attend a complimentary in-person reveal after their session to see the exclusive products including canvases, metals, acrylics, and albums we are able to order through our professional lab. Make sure you know what you’re getting with the session fee.
  4. Do they include the copyright release or print release? A copyright release transfers ownership of the images to the client. A print release allows the client to purchase prints/products using the images at their leisure while the photographer maintains the ownership of the images. Chris and I provide our clients with a print release allowing our clients to print/display the images with no reservation. The only use we do not allow our images for is commercially. Commercial use requires separate written permission, citation, and compensation.
  5. Are they local to the area? We have seen photographers advertise from Orlando that they are 30a photographers. Something about that doesn’t seem right. We have an office in Miramar Beach and are locals (born and raised in the Panhandle). We know the area, the best beach accesses, and which resorts are too busy to photograph at. Just consider these thoughts when trying to book your 30a photographer.Instead of searching, let Chris and I handle your family/wedding photography needs! We have family portrait packages for small and large families and top of the line gear to ensure your captured moments are memories that will last a lifetime! For booking inquiries, call or text Rachel at (850) 307-8402.