Commercial Video Production Company
in Destin/30A, Florida

Now more than ever engaging content is the most important part of your business…thanks TikTok. We are a small team of video production specialists and are full service meaning we can handle all of your video production needs from concept to completion.

commercial video production company in Destin florida

C2C Package [Concept to Completion]

C2C – Concept to Completion is our full service commercial video production for business package. The process is straight-forward and stress free:

  • 1. Set up a call to talk through your ideas/marketing needs and budget. Give us a call at (850)307-8402.
  • 2. Our creative team will get to work. We will create the ad-copy & a visual storyboard.
  • 3. Once the concept/storyboard is approved, we will book the talent and locations, get the necessary filming permits, and set a shoot day.
  • 4. After the production day is complete, our post production team will begin editing. We will book a voice-over talent (if necessary) at the specifications of your choice, and we will upload drafts for you to review. Our post production fee is included in the estimate based on the hours we estimate in editing. If our team exceeds the post production time, we will bill you separately. [most projects are accurately estimated and you have no additional costs]. If you are needing a larger scale production (documentary, event promotional film, etc) with audio, we include the audio team into the initial estimate.
  • 5. Once the final drafts are approved, we will even handle submitting the commercials to the agency of your choice. You will also have your own view/download link to save for your future use.
Commercial Produced C2C for Northwest Florida State College.
Commercial produced C2C for Sun Surf & Sand Insurance Services.

Video Production Elements – We can handle it all!

  • Crew Needed (Producer, Camera Operators, Lighting Tech, Audio Tech, Aerial Operator, Assistants)
  • Filming Hours (hourly, half day, and full day rates)
  • Gear Rental – Specialized Equipment necessary for the production including cameras, lenses, microphones, scrims, stands, etc.
  • Creative/Ad Copy Writing – Priced by project or hourly
  • Talent: Cast and Extras
    • We have a local network of models and actor’s we can activate when procuring talent for your project. We can handle the booking or the client may make the selections.
    • Hair/Makeup Stylists (per person or can usually book per day rate)
    • Professional Voiceover – Cost depends on length of VoiceOver and usage
  • Locations – Permits & Rental Fees vary by location. We will do our best to find locations that fit the design within your budget.
  • Post Production – Color Grading, Timeline Editing, Voice/Audio Enhancement
  • Background Music [music licenses are required for any commercial use]
  • Production/Talent Travel, Meals, Lodging
Promotional Video (and branding photos) for Cruise 30A

TV & Marketing Commercial booked by Southern Self Storage with our C2C Package.

Event Promotional Video booked by Cheeky Scientist

Marketing video on their Client/User Experience for a Trade Show booked by DRAIVER.

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